Marco Beteta


After Monterrey, the capital of the largest state of the Mexican Republic is considered the second most competitive city, with the greatest investment growth and the best life quality in all the country. In spite of its fundamentally economy, politics and business oriented character (acceptable service infrastructure to satisfy the tourist sector’s demand); it is also an apt destination for a family trip or with friends due to its vast historical and cultural richness, which goes back to pre Hispanic times. It was founded in the beginning of the 18th century by Antonio Deza y Ulloa, and it was part of the viceroyalty of Nueva Vizcaya along with Durango. Places worth visiting: The Cathedral, the Sacred Art Museum, the Aqueduct; Temples of Saint Frances and Saint Rita (colonial and baroque style); the Municipal Palace (neoclassical French); the Government Palace (where Miguel Hidalgo was killed; now there is a museum in his honor, in addition to the Arms Gallery), the Cultural Center Casa Chihuahua (inside it is Hidalgo’s prison); the Mexican Revolution Museum (also known as Casa de Villa or Quinta Luz); Quinta Gameros Cultural Center (neoclassical style, Venustiano Carranza’s residence and later Pancho Villa’s headquarters); Centro Semilla Museum (ideal for children and youngsters, similar to the Papalote Museum in Mexico City); the Mammoth Museum; Casa Redonda Contemporary Art Museum (antique workshops for the Mexican National Railway). Original mestizo, rarámuri or tarahumara and paquimé arts and crafts (clay, adobe, textiles, pottery, baskets). Simple, regional and sober cuisine (it tends to be accompanied with sotol, an agave distillation) based on beef (excellent Hereford, Brangus, Angus, Charolais cuts); fish (catfish, sea bream, trout, obtained from the state’s dams); Bear broth, a traditional dish with catfish, hot pepper and vegetables); cheeses, dehydrated fruits, and apple. Nearby natural landscapes with a variety of cultural, recreational and sport activities: Campestre Club and San Francisco Country Club (golf); archaeological remains at Paquimé (Patrimony of Humanity) and Valle de las Ollas; Grutas Nombre de Dios (fantastic stalactites and stalagmites); Cumbres de Majalca National Park (rappel and trekking); Chihuahua Dam (recreational fishing) El Murciélago (hunting). It is advisable to book a couple of days to do the tour of the well-known Barrancas del Cobre, the Bassaseachic Fall National Park and Creel (Magical Pueblo).




• Hotel Plaza Chihuahua

One of the newest places, special for business travelers. Convenient location next to the Cathedral. 27 rooms (the fee includes breakfast).

Calle Cuarta 204. Centro.

Tel: (01-614) 415 1212.



• Soberano Hotel & Resort

Famous in the city; quite visited. Good location. Comfortable rooms. Spacious areas; ideal for large events. Tennis, racket ball, pool, gym, business center.

Barranca del Cobre N° 3211. Fracc. Barrancas.

Tel: (01-614) 429 2929.




• La Calesa

Mexican grill.

The favorite of most people in Chihuahua and, probably, the one with the most tradition. Live piano. Private rooms. Ideal for business or families.

Marco recommends:

Meat cuts; melted cheese.

Av. Juárez 3300 y Colón. Zona Dorada.

Tel: (01-614) 416 0222.

• La Casona

Mexican and international cuisine.

Inside a French style restaurant, iconic in Chihuahua (they say there are ghosts). Very visited by businessmen and politicians. Ample menu. Ideal for business.

Marco recommends:

Machaca; Meat cuts; Stuffed hot peppers.

Aldama 430 y Ocampo. Centro.

Tel: (01-614) 410 0043.



• La Garufa

Argentinean cuisine.

With the quality behind this group of Zacatecas origin restaurants, and which are now in several states of the country. Ideal for any occasion.

Marco recommends:

Empanadas; Meat cuts (half of a pot roast; short ribs).

Periférico de la Juventud 3108. Fracc. Haciendas.

Tel: (01-614) 430 0417.

• Los Mezquites

Chargrilled meat cuts.

Simple Chihuahua style place. Quality cuts served with a delicious molcajete sauce that is prepared at the table. Ideal for business as well as with the family.

Marco recommends:

Machaca; Meat cuts; Stuffed hot peppers.

Av. Cuauhtémoc 2009. Col. Cuauhtémoc.

Tel: (01-614) 411 6699.