Marco Beteta


Due to its privileged location and mild climate, even before the colonial period, it seems that the City of the Eternal Spring has been destined to be a favorite place of leisure for personalities of all times (including Aztec nobility, Hernán Cortés, David Alfaro Siqueiros, Erich Fromm, Barbara Hutton, the Sha of Irán, Gabriela Mistral, Pablo Neruda, Josephine Baker, John Huston, Alain Delon, Harrison Ford, among other illustrious celebrities, artists and jetsetters). Its proximity to Mexico City makes it an ideal destination for families, couples, groups of friends and foreigners. Worth visiting: Teopanzolco ruins (downtown); Cuauhnáhuac Museum (inside the Cortés Palace, collection of regional archaeological objects, Diego Rivera wall paintings); Robert Brady Museum (more than one thousand art pieces, including ceremonial figures, colonial paintings, exotic carpets, contemporary objects); Sitio Casa Borda Garden and Museum (among the most important in the area, Maximilian and Carlota´s Summer residence in yesteryears).

Despite its growth, it maintains a certain provincial charm which is noted in traditional festivities such as the Flower Fair (celebrated in the beginning of Spring); the Day of the Dead (especially in Ocotepec) or in the typical pastorelas (which have taken place since the first decade of the 16th century, being recognized as the oldest in Mexico). Important developments with a spa and traditional pre Hispanic practices as well as new ones (Misión del Sol, Las Mañanitas, Camino Real Sumiya, Las Quintas, Villa Béjar). Good golf courses (Club de Golf Cuernavaca, Hacienda San Gaspar, Los Tabachines). Lively nightlife. Varied gastronomic offer integrating local dishes of pre Hispanic roots (white pozole, zucchini flower quesadillas, jumiles, fish mixiote, huilotas –pickled doves, tamales, bean tlacoyos) with culinary traditions that came from other countries and trends that point toward the fusion of cultures.

Nearby places of interest: Xochicalco archaeological site (Patrimony of Humanity); Amacuzac River (rafting); Ajusco-Chichinautzin Biological Corridor (trekking, camping); Zempoala Lagoons (camping, trekking, mountain cycling, trekking, rock climbing); Tequesquitengo (water ski; diving –in February and March the visibility is especially good for exploring the underwater temple of Saint John the Baptist-) Agua Brava and Río Chontalcoatlán (speleology).



• Hotel Anticavilla

Very original; chic, modern: Twelve design suites. Verdesalvia restaurant, good Italian cuisine. Holistic spa.

Río Amacuzac 10. Col. Vista Hermosa.

Tel: (01-777) 372 3499.

• Hotel Misión del Sol

Pioneer in the spa culture in Mexico. Forty rooms and 12 luxury villas. No children below 12. Ideal for a weekend of rest.

Av. Gral. Diego Díaz González 31. Col. Parres. Tel: (01-777) 321 0999[/one_half]


• Las Mañanitas

A Relais & Châteaux known for its spectacular gardens, ideal to go as a family. Twenty-nine colonial style suites. Spa Guerlain a must.

Ricardo Linares 107. Centro.

Tel: (01-777) 362 0000.





• Casa Hidalgo

International and Mexican cuisine.

In the middle of the downtown area; inside a 20th century house with a view to the Cortés Palace and the Cathedral. Many complain about its inconsistent seasoning. Lounge on the rooftop. Ideal to go at night in a romantic outing or for a drink with friends.

Marco recommends:

Combined sopes; Tacos sudados.

Hidalgo 6. Centro histórico.

Tel: (01-777) 312 2749.

• El Faisán

Yucatan cuisine.

Authentic and delicious Yucatan cuisine with an extraordinary seasoning. Informal atmosphere; very concurred by locals. Abundant breakfasts. Piglet on Saturdays and Sundays. My favorite in Cuernavaca. Ideal in large groups of friends or family.

Marco recommends:

Papatzules; Lime soup; Cochinita pibil.

Av. Emiliano Zapata 1233. Col. Buenavista.

Tel: (01-777) 317 5281.

• El Madrigal

International and Mexican cuisine.

Relaxed place surrounded by gardens. Throughout the years they have been able to maintain the quality of their products. Ideal to go as a family or for special occasions.

Marco recommends:

Beef tail stew; Peppered medallions.

Sonora 115. Col. Vista Hermosa.

Tel: (01-777) 100 7700.

• Gaia Bistro

Mediterranean bistro.

Innovating gastronomical proposal where wine plays an important role. Modern, casual and cozy atmosphere. Ideal to go as couples or with friends.

Marco recommends:

Salmon with curried scallops sauce; Duck carnitas.

Av. Río Mayo 1209 (Pabellón Vista Hermosa) Col. Vista Hermosa.

Tel: (01-777) 316 3000.

• Tamuz

Contemporary cuisine.

Innovating concept in a simple and relaxed space, that accurately combines Eastern and Western flavors with a Mediterranean accent.

Marco recommends:

Mulard; Ostrich in Oporto sauce.

Av. Reforma 501. Col. Reforma.

Tel: (01-777) 311 2223.



• Glu


Youthful, contemporary and innovating concept where fresh and good quality seafood is served in a youthful atmosphere. Ideal for a casual outing on any occasion.

Marco recommends:

Ensenada style tacos; Talla style fish.

Av. Río Mayo 1209 (Pabellón Vista Hermosa) Col. Vista Hermosa.

Tel: (01-777) 316 5073.

• Las Mañanitas

Mexican and international cuisine.

Legendary colonial style eatery surrounded by spectacular gardens; some complain about its inconsistent seasoning and slow service. By far, the most beautiful restaurant in Cuernavaca. Ideal for any special occasion with family or friends.

Marco recommends:

Tortilla soup; Liver with onion.

Ricardo Linares 107. Centro.

Tel: (01-777) 362 0000.

• Lucca

Italian cuisine.

Artisan style, where the wood fire oven plays an important role. Warm atmosphere, to feel comfortable. Ideal for couples, family or friends.

Marco recommends:

Pizzas; Calzone; Focaccia.

Av. Río Mayo esq. Teopanzolco. Col. Vista Hermosa.

Tel: (01-777) 314 5500.

• Rincón del Bife

Mexican cuisine with an Argentinean grill.

Leader in Cuernavaca due to its quality and service, which they have known how to maintain. Relaxed atmosphere. Ideal for groups or families.

Marco recommends:

Empanadas; Machitos; Meat cuts.

Av. San Diego 1001. Col. Vista Hermosa.

Tel: (01-777) 316 4428.