Marco Beteta


In addition to being the third largest city in the country, the Pearl of the West, as it is also known, represents some of the symbols that identify our Mexican identity: the traditional mariachi (Intangible Patrimony of Humanity); charrería (national sport par excellence) and, of course, the famous, unique and typical tequila. Prosperous, cosmopolitan, and dynamic, the tapatia capital has become a great city, whose metropolitan area includes the Guadalajara, Zapopan, Tlaquepaque, Tonalá, Tlajomulco, and Juanactlán. El Salto and Ixtlahuacán municipalities. A key destination for business (outstanding infrastructure for tourism, expos and conventions) it is also ideal for all tastes and ages; especially as a family (theme-recreational parks for children and young people: Zoo, Revolución, Metropolitano, Agua Azul, Rehilete; Divertido, Selva Mágica, Mundo Fantástico and Marino). Historical and architectural richness; vigorous cultural and artistic activity, as well as a complex and strong gastronomy that is well-rooted and has an influence in all the country (birria, red pozole, tortas ahogadas –a must-; beef tongue in pipián, marinated fillet, charro beans, candied myrtle, jericalla, ate de cajeta, tepache, tejuino-drink with fermented dough and lemon sherbet), are added to its numerous attributes. Must: Minerva Fountain (iconic reference of the city); Cathedral, Teatro Degollado, Instituto Cultural Cabañas (Patrimony of Humanity); Archaeological Museum, Regional Museum, City Museum, Huichol Art Museum; Casa Museo José Clemente Orozco, Temple of San Sebastián de Analco and Expiatorio del Santísimo Sacramento. Active calendar for culture, as well as religion, sports, and cattle events of international relevance: Movie Festivals, Puppets and Book Fair (April; August-September; November, December, respectively); Mariachi and Charrería Meet (June-August); Zapopan Virgin Feast; Cattle Expo for wool or embroideries (October). Fine and colored arts and crafts tradition (blown glass, ironwork, gold or silverwork, wool textiles or embroidery; pottery, ceramics, jewelry) that is joined to avant-garde designs, boutiques, and exclusive shopping malls (Plaza Andares, one of the best). Noisy nightlife (from mariachis and calandria promenades to retro and avant-garde lounges). Nearby good-level golf courses (El Palomar, Santa Anita, El Río, Las Cañadas, El Cielo). Starting point to other attractions in the area such as cultural, historical, outdoor activities, extreme sports, ecotourism (Magical Pueblos: Mazamitla, San Sebastián del Oeste, Tapalpa, Tequila –the latter’s landscape is also a Patrimony of Humanity -; Valle de Atemajác, San Juan Cosala, Chapala, Sayula).




• Del Carmen Concept Hotel

Convenient location. Cozy and intimate, in a belle époque 19th century residence. Nine suites, each one decorated individually.

Jacobo Gálvez 45. Centro Histórico.

Tel: (01-33) 3614 2640.

• Demetria

Boutique hotel boutique that rescues emblematic buildings of the golden epoch, contrasting them with a contemporary building. Terrace on the fifth floor: a place to meet up with a beautiful view of the city. Arts and crafts shop, haute-couture boutique, gallery, library. Demetria restaurant: innovating and assertive gastronomical proposal under the lead of Chef Antonio de Livier.

Av. La Paz 2219. Col. Lafayette.

Tel: (01-33) 3818 0060.

• Fiesta Americana Grand Guadalajara Country Club Hotel

Good cost-benefit. Business atmosphere. Spa, gym, business center.

Av. Américas 1551.Col. Providencia.

Tel: (01-33) 3648 3500.



• Quinta Real

A classic; first-class Mexican style. For families and business. Pool, gym.

Av. México 2727. Col. Vallarta Norte.

Tel: (01-33) 3669 0600.

• Villa Ganz

Boutique hotel in a restored house from 1930. Ten suites. Relaxing terrace and garden.

López Cotilla 1739. Col. Americana.

Tel: (01-33) 3120 1416.




• Adobe Fonda

Contemporary Mexican cuisine.

Of a great tradition; homey environment. Ideal for families.

Marco recommends:

Coriander cream; Filete borracho.

Independencia 195. Tlaquepaque.

Tel: (01-33) 3657 2792.

• Anita Li

Fusion cuisine.

Neighboring sibling of I latina, following its original kitsch concept. Lunches only on weekdays; dinners only Friday and Saturday. Ideal with friends or for business.

Marco recommends:

Lamb hamburger; Duck for tacos.

Inglaterra 3100. Col. Vallarta Poniente.

Tel: (01-33) 3647 4757.

• Cocina 88

International contemporary cuisine.

In a modern atmosphere, where you yourself choose your meat cut or fish. One of the best wine cellars in the city. Ideal for business or as a romantic outing at night.

Marco recommends:

Jicama tacos; Fish with dry hot peppers.

Av. Vallarta 1342. Col. Americana.

Tel: (01-33) 3827 5996.

• Corazón de Alcachofa

International cuisine.

Famous for its roasted artichoke; the quality of its products is outstanding. Ideal for leisure or business.

Marco recommends:

Roasted artichoke; Tartar.

Av. México 2946-1. Col. Terranova.

Tel: (01-33) 3642 0008.

• El Sagrantino

Contemporary Italian cuisine.

Eclectic and cozy atmosphere. Under the charge of a family business that knows the market. Ideal for business and leisure.

Marco recommends:

Broiled octopus; Scallop Carpaccio; Salmon.

Golfo de Cortés 4152. Fracc. Monraz.

Tel: (01-33) 3813 1379.



• I Latina

Latin cuisine with an Asian fusion.

The atmosphere has an original kitsch concept. A favorite among locals. Ideal for friends that want to party.

Marco recommends:

Saigon rolls; Meat balls.

Inglaterra 3128. Col. Vallarta Poniente.

Tel: (01-33) 3647 7774.

• La Estancia Gaucha

Classic Argentinean cuisine.

Ideal to go as a family and in large groups.

Marco recommends:

Chinchulines; Churrasco.

Niños Héroes 2860. Jardines del Bosque.

Tel: (01-33) 3122 6565.

• La Matera

Argentinean cuts.

With the support of the prestigious Grupo Malazzo. Ideal for leisure or business meals; at night for a drink and tapas.

Marco recommends:

Empanadas; Sweetbread; Bife de chorizo (rump steak).

Av. México 2891. Col. Vallarta Norte.

Tel: (01-33) 3616 1626.

• La Moresca

Mediterranean Italian cuisine.

Cozy atmosphere. Ideal for a relaxed outing with friends and to enjoy a drink and a meal.

Marco recommends:

Wood fire pizzas.

López Cotilla 1835.

Col. Americana.

Tel: (01-33) 3616 8277.

• La Tequila

Mexican contemporary cuisine.

Ideal for an outing with friends; fun bar on the upper level.

Marco recommends:

Chalupas; Chiles en nogada; Barbeque.

Av. México 2830. Col. Vallarta.

Tel: (01-33) 3640 3440.



• La Vaca Argentina

Argentinean grill.

Casual elegant style. Fine cuts in the hands of gaucho Juan Ángel Marcelo. Ample wine list. Ideal for those who enjoy good meat cuts.

Marco recommends:

Arrachera; Vacío (flank steaks).

Calzada Lázaro Cárdenas 3770. (Plaza Picacho) Zapopan.

Tel: (01-33) 3121 6928.

• Lula Bistro

Creative cuisine.

Under the lead of Irish Chef Darren Walsh (Ramsay’s student). Fine minimalist atmosphere. Ideal for contemporary adults that want to try avant-garde dishes.

Marco recommends:

Tartar tuna; Philippine style pork.

San Gabriel 3030. Col. Vallarta Sur.

Tel: (01-33) 3647 6423.



• Ofelia Bistro

International cuisine.

In an old residence; refined atmosphere. Ample cellar. Terrace for smokers. Ideal for a gastronomic experience.

Marco recommends:

Prime Rib.

Av. Pablo Neruda 2707. Col. Providencia.

Tel: (01-33) 3647 3631.

• Olio Bistro

Signature Mediterranean cuisine.

New concept that attempts to join the modern with the traditional.

Marco recommends:

Pork rib; Risotto.

Av. Américas 1501, Punto Sao Paulo (costado Hotel NH Guadalajara).

Col. Providencia.

Tel: (01-33) 3817 1180.




• Next Door

American style steak house.

Elegant and casual, the same group of Corazón de Alcachofa is in charge. Assorted wine cellar. Terrace for those who smoke. Ideal for business or leisure.

Marco recommends:

Sandwiches; Meat cuts.

Av. México 2944. Col. Terranova.

Tel: (01-33) 3839 0611.

• Suehiro

Traditional Japanese cuisine.

Of great tradition in Guadalajara. For many, the favorite one in its kind. Ideal for business or with the family.

Marco recomienda:

Teppanyakis; Sashimis.

Av. de la Paz 1701. Col. Moderna.

Tel: (01-33) 3826 0094.

•  Ristorante Da Massimo

Italian cuisine.

Homey, casual; personally serviced by its Italian owners. Homemade pastas and bread. Good wine list. Terrace for smokers. Ideal for business, family or leisuree.

Marco recommends:

Lasagna; Caprichosa Pizza; Lamb ribs.

Av. Lázaro Cárdenas 3770. (Plaza Picacho). Zapopan.

Tel: (01-33) 3122 5409.

Prol. Av. de Las Américas 1213. Col. Altamira. Zapopan.

Tel: (01-33) 3656 8403



• Usagi

Authentic Japanese cuisine.

Very simple place personally serviced by a Japanese family. Ideal for quality sushi lovers.

Marco recommends:

Tempura; Rolls.

Manuel Acuña 1661. Col. Providencia.

Tel: (01-33) 3827 1093.

• Vincent

Signature contemporary cuisine.

Vintage; the bar and the music are outstanding. DJ at night. Ideal for those who want a night atmosphere.

Marco recommends:

Lobster tacos.

Boulevard Puerta de Hierro 4965

(Plaza Andares). Zapopan.

Tel: (01-33) 3611 1208.

• Osteria 10

Italian  diner-like cuisine.

Casual elegant style. Wood fire oven. Oyster bar. Ideal for any occasion.

Marco recommends:

Wood fire pizzas; Lasagna; Mango salad.

López Cotilla 1498-A. Col. Americana.

Tel: (01-33) 3616 5358.