Marco Beteta


Legends and traditions, historical and artistic richness intertwine in narrow cobblestoned streets, enchanting tunnels, romantic alleys, quaint plazas and old mines, giving the capital of the state a unique style and character. A Patrimony of Humanity and the birthplace of the renowned International Cervantino Festival (a must see, considered the fourth most important one in its type, worldwide and this year it is holding its 40th edition from October 3rd to the 21st). Guanajuato was founded in the half of the 16th century and it became one of the main cities of the viceroyalty; a mining center of great transcendence and a fundamental banner during the Mexican Independence.

The festive atmosphere of its typical callejoneadas (walks on the streets), mojigangas and estudiantinas (music groups), as well as its baroque and churrigueresque architecture have overcome the barriers of time recreating an atmosphere that blends fantasy and reality. There is nothing like touring it on foot – through the narrow streets- following our instinct to discover its charm. A mandatory visit: the Guanajuato University, the Alley of the Kiss, La Valenciana Mine, Juárez and Cervantes Theaters; Alhóndiga de Granaditas (Regional Museum), Monument to el Pípila, Plaza of Peace, the House of Count Rul, the Basilica of Our Lady of Guanajuato, Temples of San Diego and San Roque; Hidalgo Market, Museum of the Mummies, Diego Rivera’s House and Museum, Iconographic Quixote Museum (the most important in its kind worldwide); Ex-Hacienda San Gabriel Barrera. The traditional local cuisine (enchiladas mineras, pacholas –fried ground beef- cecina (salted dry meat), stuffed hot peppers, tamales) is enriched with a good offer of restaurants, mainly, Argentinean, Spanish, Italian, in addition to contemporary Mexican proposals. Quality arts and crafts (majolica and Talavera ceramic; silver and gold jewelry; pottery; pieces on quarry). Growing infrastructure of spa services. Outdoor activities, extreme sports and ecotourism in relatively nearby natural spaces (Cerro del Cubilete, Valle de Santiago, Cuenca de la Esperanza)




• Quinta Las Acacias

A house of the 19th century with European decoration and furniture of that time. Seventeen rooms and suites. Good breakfasts. Personalized attention.

Paseo de la Presa 168. Centro.

Tel: (01-473) 731 1517.



• Villa María Cristina

French-style boutique hotel; cozy and elegant. Thirteen suites. Spa, gym, pool. Contemporary Mexican cuisine.

Paseo de la Presa de la Olla 76. Centro.

Tel: (01-473) 731 2182.




• Casa Ofelia

Typical Mexican cuisine.

Informal place, like a Mexican cafeteria, with good seasoning in its dishes. Ideal to go in an informal outing with the family or with friends.

Marco recommends:

Tlalpeño broth; Mexican enchiladas; Mole.

Calle del Truco 11B. Centro.

Tel: (01-473) 731 2639.

• Casa Valadez

Mexican and international cuisine.

A business of great local tradition belonging to the Valadez family. Reasonable prices in a kind and reasonable place. Good location with a view to the Juarez Theater. Piano music. Breakfasts.

Marco recommends:

Aztlán salad; Spanish tortilla; Valadez steak.

Jardín Unión N° 3. Centro.

Tel: (01-473) 732 0311/97.

• Chao Bella

Italian cuisine.

Inside a typical house; home-style, casual and informal. Ideal on any occasion.

Marco recommends:

Pizzas (four cheeses); Salads.

Pocitos 25. Centro.

Tel: (01-473) 732 6764.

• El Abue

Italian-Mexican cuisine.

Small, homey and casual in downtown Guanajuato. Breakfasts. Ideal as a family or with friends to enjoy the city’s atmosphere (at night it is one of the places where the estudiantinas go by in their tour of the streets – callejoneadas-).

Marco recommends:

Abue enchiladas; Goat cheese salad.

Calle San José 14. Plaza del Baratillo.

Tel (01-473) 732 6242.

• El Jardín de los Milagros

Signature cuisine.

Inside a historical former hacienda. Bricio Domínguez is in charge, and with dedication, creativity, imagination and passion he has turned this place into one with the best of the Guanajuato’s gastronomy. Ideal for special occasions and a gourmet outing.

Marco recommends:

Tasting menu.

Calle Alhóndiga 80. San Javier.

Tel: (01-473) 732 9366.



• El Truco 7

Mexican cuisine.

One of the places with greater tradition and history in Guanajuato. Rustic, with a bohemian atmosphere at reasonable prices. Good breakfasts. Ideal for a relaxed outing.

Marco recommends:

Azteca soup; Enmoladas.

Calle del Truco 7. Centro Histórico.

Tel: (01-473) 732 8374.

• La Capellina

International fusion cuisine.

Located in a 17th century building, at a walking distance from the Main Plaza. The view is worthwhile, as well as its atmosphere and music. Live Cuban jazz (weekends). Ideal as a couple or with friends.

Marco recommends:

Wood fire pizzas; Sea bass in tangerine sauce.

Sopeña 3. Centro Histórico.

Tel (01-473) 732 7224.

• Casa del Conde de La Valenciana

Haute Mexican cuisine.

On the outside of the city, inside an 18th century house. Nice and relaxing patio.

Marco recommends:


Km. 5 Carretera Guanajuato-Dolores Hidalgo. Col. La Valenciana.

Tel: (01-473) 732 2550.

• Las Mercedes

Mexican cuisine.

Traditional, with a view to the city. Artisan cuisine in a warm place, where one can breathe the dedication and love of the owners. Ideal on special occasions as a couple.

Marco recommends:

Colander and huitlacoche cream; Turkey in black mole.

Calle de Arriba 6. Fracc. San Javier.

Tel: (01-473) 733 9059.