Marco Beteta

Mexico City

In other times it was called the City of Palaces, the capital city causes mixed feelings and experiences among those who live in it and those who visit. Beyond its problems and the conflicts due to its large extension and great number of inhabitants, it is without a doubt a mosaic of colors, scents, sounds, flavors, and textures that never ceases to surprise locals and foreigners. It was founded in 1525 by the Spaniards over the ruins of Tenochtitlán, the capital of the Aztec empire, today it is a cosmopolitan city, vibrant and dynamic, open to all kinds of tastes, ages, demands, and budgets. Business, history, culture, art, education, gastronomy, architecture, archaeological ruins, fun, shows, festivities, converge in one time and space. Out of the 31 places that exist in all the country, declared by the UNESCO as a Patrimony of Humanity, Mexico City has four: the downtown area (Centro Histórico), Xochimilco, Luis Barragán’s Home and Study, and the Central Campus of UNAM. Must visit:  Zócalo, Templo Mayor, Metropolitan Cathedral, Bellas Artes Palace, Franz Mayer Museum and the Estampa Museum, Post Office Building, Popular Art Museum (downtown); National Museum of Anthropology and History; and the Chapultepec Castle;

(Reforma); Soumaya Museum (Polanco); San Ángel (Saturdays, art and antiquities bazaar at the San Jacinto Plaza); Coyoacán (downtown and Frida Kahlo’s Casa Azul Museum); Dolores Olmedo Museum (La Noria, Xochimilco). A recommendation is to take the “turibús” to tour the different routes, stopping at places of special interest. Roma, Condesa, Coyoacán, San Ángel: bohemian tradition. Pedregal, Polanco (Avenida Masaryk), Lomas and Santa Fe: exclusive boutiques and shopping malls. Excellent infrastructure for expos and conventions: WTC Mexico City; Centro Banamex (behind the Hipódromo de las Américas); Expo Bancomer (Santa Fe). Education institutions, and world-class hospitals. Outstanding offer of restaurants, representing practically all the cuisines of the world and the new culinary trends. Natural landscapes to practice extreme sports, and outdoor activities (Ajusco, Desierto de los Leones, Los Dinamos, Reserva Ecológica Atoltecáyotl -Milpa Alta-). Good golf courses (Club Campestre Ciudad de México, Bosques, Chapultepec, México, Bosque Real, Vallescondido, Chiluca). Variety of spaces for concerts, shows, and sport meets (National Auditorium, Polyforum Cultural Siqueiros, Teatro de la Ciudad, Metropolitan, Teatro de los Insurgentes, National Center of Arts, Foro Sol, Azteca Stadium, Plaza de Toros México).



• Distrito Capital

Perfect for contemporary adults for a business or leisure trip. Seventeen rooms and 13 exclusive suites. Pool and terrace with a view to Santa Fe. Restaurant with signature cuisine under the lead of Chef Enrique Olvera.

Juan Salvador Agraz 37. Santa Fe.

Tel: (01-55) 5257 1300.

• Four Seasons Hotel

Elegance and distinction with class. Ideal for demanding travelers. Business center, pool, spa, gym. Activities for children and young people. Italian restaurant, Reforma 500; bar with a wide selection of tequilas and mezcales.

Paseo de la Reforma 500. Juárez.

Tel: (01-55) 5230 1818

• Habita Hotel

In the heart of the trendiest and most chic commercial area in the city. Thirty-two rooms and four suites. Spa, gym, pool, solarium and terrace.

Masaryk 201. Polanco.

Tel: (01-55) 5282 3100.

• JW Marriott Hotel Mexico City

Considered one of the best hotels in the country. Comfortable luxury in an elegant atmosphere. Spacious facilities for business meetings. Brasserie Lipp, recommendable restaurant, French cuisine. Spa, gym, outdoor pool with a magnificent view.

Andrés Bello 29. Polanco.

Tel: (01-55) 5999 0000.



• Las Alcobas

Design boutique hotel. Thirty-five rooms (including a suite and three penthouses). Spa (guests only). Barroco Restaurant (Mexican contemporary cuisine) by Chef Martha Ortiz.

Masaryk 390. Polanco Chapultepec.

Tel: (01-55) 3300 3900.

• St. Regis Mexico City

Luxurious, sophisticated, very high service level, well located. Facilities for children.  , Remède Spa (guarantee in treatments); gym, pool, tennis club. Concierge and valet.

Paseo de la Reforma 439. Cuauhtémoc.

Tel: (01-55) 5228 1818.[/one_half_last]



• Astrid & Gastón

Peruvian cuisine.

The best representative of this cuisine in our country. Targeted to sybarites with a high budget. Ideal for business or groups of ladies.

Marco recommends:

Crispy shrimp; three-week piglet.

Tennyson 117. Polanco.

Tel: (01-55) 5282 2666.

Au Pied de Cochon

Authentic French cuisine.

It appeared in my surveys among the top 10. Open 24 hours, it is still a favorite due to its glamour, comfort, service, hygiene and safety. Ideal for dinner after a concert at the Auditorium, or to have something at the early morning hours.

Marco recommends:

Onion soup; Beef tartar; Seared foie gras.

Campos Elíseos 218 (Hotel Presidente InterContinental). Polanco.

Tel: (01-55) 5327 7756.

• Azul Condesa/Azul Histórico

Mexican cuisine.

Simple upscale diner in the hands of Chef Ricardo Muñoz Zurita.

Marco recommends:

Bean tamal; Deviled shrimp.

Nuevo León 68. Condesa.

Tel: (01-55) 5286 6380.

Isabel La Católica 30. Centro Histórico.

Tel: (01-55) 5510 1316.

• Cantinetta del Becco

Italian cuisine with a Mediterranean accent.

One of the newest places in Santa Fe which is worth visiting; cosmopolitan and chic atmosphere: Open kitchen and pasta made at the very moment; an experience in itself. Ideal for a formal meal in the dining room or a relaxed atmosphere at the terrace (must).

Marco recommends:

Burrata; Pasta with truffle; Veal cutlet.

Javier Barros Sierra 540 (Park Plaza). Lomas de Santa Fe.

Tel: (01-55) 5292 6816.

• Costa Dorada

Fish and seafood.

For me, it continues to serve the best fish with salt and calderet rice in town. Discreet, sober, maybe a little bit aged. Twenty-eight years being consistent with its raw material and respectful service. Ideal for those looking for privacy in an adult sybarite atmosphere.

Marco recommends:

Giant shrimps with salt; Broiled calamari.

Ejército Nacional 648 (frente Hospital Español). Polanco.

Tel: (01-55) 5531 1277.

• Costa Guadiana

Fish and shrimp with a Mexican and international touch.

Respecting the original dishes of Guadiana, chef Mónica Beteta offers specialties of her authorship in fish and seafood. Trendy, classy atmosphere Ideal for contemporary adults; cool young people.

Marco recommends:

Potato skin tacos; Fish Mónica; Broiled octopus.

Paseo de Tamarindos 90 (Plaza Arcos Bosques). Bosques de Las Lomas.

Tel: (01-55) 9135 0045.

• D.O.

Spanish and Basque signature cuisine.

Sober and simple eatery in the hands of Pablo San Román, who is able to captivate the palate, “not due to the novelty, but for the quality of the product”. Ideal for demanding palates that enjoy a sybarite atmosphere.

Marco recommends:

Spanish ham; Huevos rotos; Truffle ravioli with foie gras.

Hegel 406. Polanco.

Tel: (01-55) 5255 0612.

• Dulce Patria

Contemporary Mexican cuisine.

The improvement in the last months has been notorious thanks to the passion of Martha Ortiz who is an alchemist of high Mexican cuisine targeted to high-class guests. Ideal for lunch or dinner in a relaxed contemporary adult atmosphere.

Marco recommends:

Light green bean cream with vanilla from Papantla; Duck with black mole with a banana penacho and rice with esquites.

Anatole France 100. Polanco.

Tel: (01-55) 3399 3999.

• El Cardenal

Traditional Mexican cuisine.

Voted in my surveys as the best traditional Mexican place. The Briz family is an example of a successful restoration, dedication and love for our cuisine. Ideal for business breakfasts or with the family. At lunch, the environment is for politics and business.

Marco recommends:

Mixiote de flores de maguey con escamoles; Green pepper with filling; Veal breast.

Av. de la Paz 32. San Ángel.

Tel: (01-55) 5616 6124.

Palma 23. Centro Histórico.

Tel: (01-55) 5521 8815.

Palmas 215. Lomas.

Tel: (01-55) 5263 0401.



• Bakéa

Vasque-french cuisine.

Chef Vicente Echegaray is in charge, and he knows his market; my surveys have positioned it among the 10 best. Ideal to have lunch or dinner along with people that appreciate good meals and good drinks; or to celebrate any formal event.

Marco recommends:

Fish of the day in black butter; Baked beef short rib.

Sierra Ventana 700-5. Lomas de Chapultepec.

Tel: (01-55) 5520 7472.

• Beefbar

Steak house international.

From Monte Carlo to the Camino Real. Spacious, comfortable and fine; its distinctive seal is the quality of its raw material; especially Black Angus cuts that are never frozen. Ideal for contemporary adults that are looking for quality and a pleasant atmosphere.

Marco recommends:

Red sea bass ceviche; Foie gras ravioli; 300 gr Bavette.

Mariano Escobedo 700 (Hotel Camino Real). Polanco. Tel: (01-55) 5263 8888.

• Biko

Signature cuisine with Basque influence.

Mikel Alonso maintains himself as a symbol of evolution cuisine; he achieves audacious and unsuspected flavors and textures. A diner with class; positioned among the best of the city. Ideal for sophisticated and demanding palates that are looking for a gourmet experience.

Marco recommends:

Foie peinado; Dairy cow.

Masaryk 407 (Plaza Zentro). Polanco.

Tel: (01-55) 5282 2064.

• Guadiana

Contemporary Mexican cuisine.

Traditional Mexican dishes by Chef Mónica Beteta, who offers seasonal specialties every week. Ideal for lunches and dinners with friends (contemporary adults).

Marco recommends:

Dry noodles with three hot peppers; Don Pepe Filet; Pressed chicharrón tacos.

Río Guadiana 19. Reforma.

Tel: (01-55) 5535 8108.

Pedro Luis Ogazón 102-B. San Ángel.

Tel: (01-55) 5661 0172.

Circuito Novelistas 6. Satélite.

Tel (01-55) 5572 8663.

Guillermo González Camarena 1000. Santa Fe.

Tel: (01-55) 5292 6495.

Palmas 810. Lomas.

Tel: (01-55) 5520 6685.

• Guría

Spanish cuisine.

According to my surveys, among the top 10 in the city. Fine, modern and serious eatery lead by Arantxa De Saracho. A must for sybarites. Ideal for adults, businessmen and families.

Marco recommends:

Baby cuttlefish in their ink; Tripe; Fabada.

Javier Barros Sierra 555 P.B. Santa Fe.

Tel: (01-55) 5292 5544.

• Hunan

Chinese cuisine.

Among the top 10 according to y surveys. An eatery that has been consolidated as a great classic in the city. Asian quality dishes, efficient service. Ideal for business, family and friends.

Marco recommends:

Shrimp in special sauce and caramelized walnut; Pekin duck.

Paseo de la Reforma 2210. Lomas.

Tel: (01-55) 5596 0123.

• Jaso

Contemporary signature cuisine.

For me one of the best in town. It constantly improves. Memorable details in a modern, fine place with simple elegance and impeccable decoration with an outstanding cuisine. Ideal for business lunches or friends.

Marco recommends:

Foie gras ravioli; Marinated short Ribs.

Newton 88. Polanco.

Tel: (01-55) 5545 7476.

• Jin San Shabu-Shabu

Japanese cuisine.

New place that is betting to offer the best shabu-shabu in town; inside one of the best places in Santa Fe. Terrace and sushi bar, a must. Ideal for families or friends.

Marco recommends:

Rib eye or seafood shabu-shabu.

Javier Barrios Sierra 540 (Park Plaza). Lomas de Santa Fe

Tel: (01-55) 5292 2257.

• Moustaches Bistrot

French and international cuisine.

Brand new, adapting and being a hit thanks to the support of the great Les Moustaches, but with a contemporary, chic and fresh twist.  Ideal for business lunches or with friends.

Marco recommends:

Onion soup; Bourguignon stew.

Prado Norte 125 PB. Lomas.

Tel: (01-55) 5540 3303.





• Nobu

Japanese cuisine with a Peruvian influence.

Among the 10 best according to my surveys. Quality and star dishes with nothing to complain about. First world premises and project. Great place, although expensive for some. Ideal for friends and couples at the terrace.

Marco recommends:

Black cod with miso; Nobu style tiraditos; Lobster tempura.

Paseo de Tamarindos 90 (Plaza Arcos

Bosques). Bosques de Las Lomas.

Tel: (01-55) 9135 0061.

• Paxia

Mexican contemporary cuisine.

Young Chef Daniel Ovadía is in charge, a representative of the modern Mexican gastronomical movement. Ideal for a gourmand contemporary adult.

Marco recommends:

Oven-baked bone marrow; Tortita ahogada de carnitas de ternera.

Av. de la Paz 47. San Ángel.

5616 6964/5550 8355

• Prime House Steak & Seafood

Internacional Cuisine.

Urban elegance, comfort and a vibrant style. Top quality in meat cuts, fish and seafood. Ideal for friends and families.

Marco recommends:

Octopus tiradito; Tuna sashimi; Mini tuna hamburger.

Av. Santa Fe 482. Santa Fe.

Tel: (01-55) 9135 5048.

Av. Desierto de los Leones 67 (entre Insurgentes Sur y Revolución), San Ángel.

Tel: (0155) 5550 2416 / 2216 / 2454

• Puerto Madero

Argentinean steak house.

Without a doubt one of the favorite of the loyal guests it attracts, in Polanco as well as in Bosques and Cancún. Its success stems on the quality of its raw material and teamwork of its service. Ideal for lunches and dinners among young contemporary adults.

Marco recommends:

Tuna, salmon and Hamachi sashimi; Grilled octopus; bife de chorizo (rump steak).

Masaryk 110. Polanco.

Tel: (01-55) 5203 7369.

Paseo de Tamarindos 90. Bosques de Las Lomas.

Tel: (01-55) 5259 3917.

• Pujol

Mexican signature cuisine.

Enrique Olvera is in charge, a key chef clave in Mexican gastronomy, whose geniality has taken the name of Mexico to the world. Ideal for contemporary sybarite adults.

Marco recommends:

Cuitlacoche tamal; Sea bass marinated in guajillo pepper and garlic.

Francisco Petrarca 254. Chapultepec Morales.

Tel: (01-55) 5545 4111.

• Puntarena

Fish and seafood.

On of my favorite in town to eat seafood with a Mediterranean influence and oriental touches. Commitment, quality and respect for the raw material. Ideal for lunches of contemporary adults that appreciate the art of eating.

Marco recommends:

Soft blue crab chicharrón; Talla shrimp tacos; Tuna hamburger.

Palmas 275. Lomas.

Tel: (01-55) 5520 1723.

Av. de La Paz 57. San Ángel.

Tel: (01-55) 5616 8638.

• Rosetta

Artisan Italian cuisine.

A favorite eatery among the cool neighbors of the Roma area. Good food, with Mediterranean accents lead by Elena Reygadas, whose dedication is patent in every detail. Ideal for eating with no rush, in couples or with groups of friends.

Marco recommends:

Carpaccio; Tender artichoke salad; Salted sea bass.

Colima 166. Roma.

Tel: (01-55) 5533 7804.




• San Ángel Inn

Mexican and international cuisine.

One of the great classics in the restaurant elite of our city. The patio, martinis and the atmosphere of and old hacienda are an atmosphere in themselves. Ideal for business lunches or with friends. Music of a trio.

Marco recommends:

Tortilla soup; Huitlacoche crepes; Duck with blueberry.

Diego Rivera 50. San Ángel

Tel: (01-55) 5616 1402.

• Shu

Japanese cuisine; fusion of international dishes.

Among my favorite in Santa Fe; Suntory guarantee. Ideal for business lunches or with friends.

Marco recommends:

Fresh foie gras; Fish fried in chile de árbol (hot pepper).

Calle 3 N° 55. La Fe.

Tel: (01-55) 5292 4834 al 39.

• Sir Winston Churchill´s

International cuisine with a British accent.

Fine and well cared for eatery with an atmosphere for adults, inside an English style mansion; another one of my favorite. Clean and classic art of high hospitality regarding service, food and beverages. Excellent private rooms. Ideal for celebrations.

Marco recommends:

Artichokes á la vinaigrette; Roast Prime Rib of Beef.

Periférico 67. Polanco.

Tel: (01-55) 5280 6070.

• Suntory

Japanese cuisine.

My surveys classify it among the top 10. Maintaining its traditional Japanese style, they have adapted intelligently and successfully to the Mexican palate. Outstanding quality and training. Ideal for contemporary adults for business or leisure.

Marco recommends:

Sashimi and lobster soup; King crab or foie gras teppanyaki.

Torres Adalid 14. Del Valle.

Tel: (01-55) 5536 9432.

Reforma 535. Lomas.

Tel: (01-55) 5202 6717.

• The Palm

Americano steak house.

This eatery is visited by businessmen and politicians that are looking for quality and freshness in seafood and US Prime Choice aged meat cuts.  Pleasant terrace. Ideal for lunches and dinners in a good environment, absolutely discreet service.

Marco recommends:

Imported crab cocktail; New York Strip.

Campos Elíseos 218 (Hotel Presidente InterContinental). Polanco.

Tel: (01-55) 5327 7762.

• Tori Tori

Japanese cuisine.

It opens its third restaurant, fashion and chic. Young people and contemporary adults that recognize quality and pay for it. Of the best in town regarding fresh sushi. Ideal for couples and small groups of friends.

Marco recommends:

Sushi traditional; Sushi cake; Spicy salmon roll.

Anatole France 71-A/B. Polanco.

Tel: (01-55) 5280 9069.

Ámsterdam 219. Condesa.

Tel: (01-55) 5264 3466.

Temístocles 61. Polanco.

Tel: (01-55) 5281 4226.

• Torre de Castilla/ Puerta de Castilla/ Casa de Castilla

Traditional Spanish cuisine.

Excellent examples of expansion from the Grupo Castellano, that complies entirely with the brand’s quality standards. Ideal for friends and business.

Marco recommends:

Fabada; Broiled snapper; Chuletón gallego.

Esopo 31. Polanco.

Tel: (01-55) 5281 0906.

Vasco de Quiroga 3880. Lomas Santa Fe.

Tel: (01-55) 2591 0811.

Av. Revolución 1645. San Ángel.

Tel: (01-55) 5663 5052.