Marco Beteta


The city was founded in the 16th century by Diego de Montemayor; Monterrey is the industrial heart of the country and Cerro de la Silla its most representative symbol. Progress, energy and dynamism define its lifestyle; nevertheless it keeps its strong attachment to its colonial past through its architecture, culture and traditions. An outstanding infrastructure of medical, tourist, and business services. Several of the main attractions are located in the downtown area: History Museum, Nuevo León History Museum, Faro del Comercio, Monterrey Cathedral, Basílica de la Purísima Concepción de María, Contemporary Art Museum, Obispado (a national monument on the peak of a hill, currently the headquarters of the Regional History Museum); Paseo Santa Lucía (quaint area along a canal with small cafés, a especially pleasant area during the afternoons because of its peaceful atmosphere). Interesting visits to Cervecería Cuauhtémoc; the Monterrey Museum and the Glass Museum. If you travel with your family, I recommend: Parque Fundidora (next to the Conventions and Exhibits Center, with a theme area for children); Alfa Cultural Center (in the neighboring municipality of Garza García); National Park of Chipinque, ideal to relax or practice outdoor activities. Other nearby interesting places: Santiago (Magical Pueblo); Cola de Caballo waterfall.




• Habita

Sober, minimalist. Open terrace on the top floor with a sky bar.

Av. Vasconcelos 150 Ote. Col. Del Valle. San Pedro Garza García.

Tel: (01-81) 8335 5900.



• Quinta Real

Mexican elegance. Peaceful and cozy.

Diego Rivera 500. Fracc. Valle Oriente. San Pedro Garza García.

Tel: (01-81) 8368 1000.




• Amalia

Contemporary cuisine.

In the mall where the Habita hotel is located. New and modern concept that puts together a good atmosphere (lounge, terrace) with acceptable food. Ideal with friends.

Marco recommends:

Tuna tostaditas; Rib Eye; Deviled shrimp.

Vasconcelos 150 Ote. (Plaza O2). Col. Del Valle. San Pedro Garza García.

Tel: (01-81) 8335 4474.

• Ask Mónica

International cuisine.

New concept of eclectic that offers a variety of dishes, in a hip atmosphere. Terrace. Ideal for friends.

Marco recommends:

Meat cuts.

Av. Roble 605. Col. Valle del Campestre. San Pedro Garza García.

Tel: (01-81) 8356 8260.

• Bistro Bardot

French cuisine.

Warm and cozy atmosphere; with a homey touch. Another good move of Grupo Pangea. Ideal for a romantic outing or a celebration.

Marco recommends:

Pot of scallops with curry and serrano hot pepper; Escargots; Foie gras hamburger.

Calzada del Valle 401, L-13. Col. Del Valle. San Pedro Garza García. Tel: (01-81) 1366 5919.

• Café Xbox

Simple contemporary cuisine.

Original concept, gastro-pub type. Very informal, eclectic, and extravagant, in a relaxed environment. Unique in its kind. Ideal for a casual outing with family or friends

Marco recommends:

Wood fire pizzas (to my taste, the best in Monterrey); Cheesecake.

Calzada San Pedro 102. (Plaza Duendes). Col. Del Valle. San Pedro Garza García.

Tel: (01-81) 8100 9908.

• Chino Latino

Evolution cuisine.

Ingenious and fun combination of Oriental and Latin cuisines where Pangea group is in charge. Trendy, eclectic place. Lounge with a DJ on weekends. Ideal for contemporary adults.

Marco recommends:

Lobster pozole; Cesar salad.

Calzada del Valle 351. Col. Del Valle. San Pedro Garza García.

Tel: (01-81) 8401 6464.



• 40 West Steakhouse

American style meat cuts.

Top level Canadian franchise, in an elegant atmosphere. Assorted wine list. Ideal for serious meat lovers.

Marco recommends:

Aged meat cuts; Prime Rib.

Batallón de San Patricio 109. Valle Oriente. San Pedro Garza García.

Tel: (01-81) 8363 5151.

• El Gaucho

Regional cuisine.

Cozy, Argentine style. Very busy, especially on weekdays, visited by executives due to the high quality of meat it offers, Ideal for meat lovers with a local taste.

Marco recommends:

Garlic soup; Ladrillo; Agujas norteñas.

Arroyo Seco 100. Fracc. Arroyo Seco. Monterrey.

Tel: (01-81) 8358 4218.

• El Gran Pastor

Monterrey cuisine.

Place of great tradition. Ideal as a family or in large groups of friends.

Marco recommends:

Cabrito and machitos ( to my taste, the best in Monterrey).

Av. Gonzalitos 702. Col. San Jerónimo.

Monterrey. Tel: (01-81) 8129 4453.

• El Granero Grill

Regional and international cuisine.

A classic eatery since 1977 in a cozy atmosphere. Varied menu. Sushi bar. Ideal with the family, for business and to enjoy a good meal.

Marco recommends:

Prime Rib; Chilorio; Mollejas.

Tel: (01-81) 8378 4408.

• El Rey del Cabrito

Northern style grill.

An eatery of that has been around for a long time. Several of my mystery fooders say that although it is still good, it is rather commercial. Ideal for people from nearby offices.

Marco recommends:


Av. Constitución 817 Ote., entre Dr. Coss y Diego de Montemayor. Centro. Monterrey.

Tel: (01-81) 8345 3352.

• El Tío

Typical Monterrey cuisine.

One of the most traditional restaurants in Monterrey, with more than six decades of operation, today it has been renewed. Outdoor tables, private rooms. Ideal for executives and families.

Marco recommends:

Bone marrow; Dry noodles.

Av. Hidalgo 1746 Pte. Col. Obispado. Monterrey.

Tel: (01-81) 8346 2818.




• Hawaii 5-0


Five types of cuisine (Japanese, Chinese, Grill, Mexican and Contemporary Fusion).

An exotic atmosphere; a favorite of the Monterrey elite for more than 25 years; although my mystery fooders say that the food is inconsistent. Sushi bar and lounge. Ideal for business, friends or families.

Marco recommends:

Paradise shrimp; Sakura samurai roll; Steak tacos au-gratin.

Roble 501. Col. Valle del Campestre. San Pedro Garza García.

Tel: (01-81) 8378 6450.

• Kampai

Japanese fusion cuisine.

Friendly eatery that offers creative and different sushi rolls in a modern atmosphere. Two branches. Terrace and an area for smokers. Ideal for those who enjoy sushi and a good bar.

Marco recommends:

Rock shrimp; Tuna tostadas.

Calzada del Valle 401. (Plaza 401). Col. Del Valle. San Pedro Garza García.

Tel: (01-81) 8356 8310.

Roble 635. Col. Valle del Campestre. San Pedro Garza García.

Tel: (01-81) 8004 0230.



• La Catarina

Cocina 100% mexicana.

Of Grupo Pangea. A very Mexican concept in a peaceful atmosphere, contemporary. Ideal for families, large groups or for business. Great variety of tequilas. Smoking area.

Marco recommends:

Salmon chalupas; Shrimp with cheese empanadas; Piglet.

Av. Morones Prieto 2525 Pte. Col. Loma Larga. Monterrey.

Tel: (01-81) 8345 3357.

• La Escondida

 International cuisine with a Mexican touch.

Probably the one with the most tradition in Monterrey. Cozy hacienda atmosphere. Smoking area. Ideal for business or special occasions.

Marco recommends:

Moctezuma piglet; Brains in black butter.

Río Verde 147. Col. Miravalle. Monterrey.

Tel: (01-81) 8348 9816.




• Kitchöan

Asian fusion cuisine.

One of the most exclusive; at the Habita hotel. Modern and trendy atmosphere. Martini bar and a variety of sakes. Ideal for contemporary adults.

Marco recommends:

Robatas (roasted brochettes in an oven of Japanese coal).

Vasconcelos 150 Ote (Plaza 02). San Pedro Garza García.

Tel: (01-81) 8335 9825.

• La Buena Barra

Contemporary Mexican Cantina.

Recently opened; high-level gastronomy with a unique architecture in Monterrey. Ideal for any occasion.

Marco recommends:

Brie cream.

Ricardo Margain y Missouri 600 Ote. (Plaza Lúa Loc. 307). Col. Del Valle. San Pedro Garza García.

Tel: (01-81)8338 5050.

• La Félix

High-end bistro type cantina.

One more of successful Grupo Pangea; the Mexican contemporary atmosphere stands out. The terrace: a must for smokers. Ideal with friends, to go for snacks or to have a drink.

Marco recommends:

Bone marrow.

Calzada del Valle 401 (Plaza 401). Col. Del Valle. San Pedro Garza García.

Tel: (01-81) 1366 5777.

• Sr. Tanaka

Japanese fusion cuisine.

A chef with the Nobu school is in charge. Modern and trendy atmosphere. Smoking area.

Marco recommends:

Black code miso; Beef kobanyaqui.

Calzada San Pedro Sur 102 (Plaza Duendes). San Pedro Garza García.

Tel: (01-81) 8335 2060.



• La Nacional

Mexican cuisine.

Innovating concept that puts together good food with an excellent atmosphere of a fine contemporary cantina. Ideal with friends or for a celebration.

Marco recommends:

Paradise shrimp; Sakura samurai roll; Steak tacos au-gratin.

Av. San Jerónimo 1106. Col. Miravalle. Monterrey.

Tel: (01-81) 8347 9205.

Av. Madero 1160. Centro. Monterrey.

Tel: (01-81) 8375 3890.

• Neuquén

Argentinean cuisine.

Warm peaceful and romantic atmosphere. Terrace and smoking area. Ideal on every occasion.

Marco recommends:

Empanadas; Pizzas (good).

Dr. Coss 659 Sur. Santa Lucía. Monterrey.

Tel: (01-81) 8342 1373.

Río Amazonas 225. Centrito Valle. San Pedro.

Tel: (01-81) 8115 0493.

• Pangea

Signature cuisine.

Avant-garde, evolving, contemporary. A pioneer of the serious restaurants. Guillermo González, the most renowned Monterrey chef, is in charge; a gastronomic institution in the city. Ideal for those who appreciate good meals.

Marco recommends:

The menu of the day.

Bosques del Valle 110-20. Col. Bosques del Valle. San Pedro Garza García.

Tel: (01-81) 8356 5612.