Marco Beteta


Cultural Patrimony of Humanity and a reference of great beauty in architecture, the old Valladolid is one of the most visited Mexican destinations.  Clean colonial city with notable examples of baroque, neoclassic and gothic styles. It entices the visitor to walk on its streets in order to discover the richness of its past and the importance of its present while touring the plazas, temples, monuments, old houses and museums. The city was founded around the half of the 16th century, it’s is the capital of Michoacán and it also hosts relevant cultural activities that are now world famous (International Movie Festival of Morelia).

Must visit: the Cathedral, Aqueduct, Temple and Ex Convent of the Capuchinas, Clavijero Palace, Colonial Art Museum, Old Royal Hospital of San Juan de Dios, Casa Museo José María Morelos y Paved, Mask Museum, Candy  Museum (a unique experience). Gastronomical history, outstanding example of the purépecha and Spanish mestizaje (typical: corundas, uchepostamales-; tarasca soup, barbecue cooked in an adobe oven, turkey mole, charanda -sugarcane aguardiente-; candy assortment –chongos, royal eggs, morelianas, metate chocolate, covered fruits, jamoncillos, natillas-). Fine traditional arts and crafts (pottery, wood carving, lacquering, embroidery, blown glass, copper). Good spas and golf courses (Tres Marías, of the best).

Ideal for convention tourism, as well as for family trips with children, young adults (natural reserves nearby, where it is possible to practice extreme sports, eco-tourism, outdoor activities; Los Azufres, Valle de Otzumatlán, Cerro del Tzirate, El Oasis, Agua Verde, Volcán Paricutín). Must visit the Magical Pueblos: Pátzcuaro (Day of the Dead in Janitzio, Tlalpujahua, Cuitzeo, Santa Clara del Cobre.3




• Cantera Diez Hotel Boutique

Small design hotel located downtown in a historical building in the middle of the city. Eleven suites. Good gastronomy. Access to golf courses.

Benito Juárez 63. Centro Histórico.

Tel: (01-443) 312 5419.



• Los Juaninos

Excellent location in an 18th century building (old Episcopal Palace), decorated in the style of those days. Thirty suites decorated individually.

La Azotea: good restaurant for dinners.

Morelos Sur 39. Centro Histórico.

Tel: (01-443) 312 0036.

• Villa Montaña Hotel & Spa

Colonial, peaceful, on the hills of Santa María. Only 15 minutes away from downtown.. Spa, gym, tennis court, pool. Twenty-three suites and 13 rooms. Ideal for families.

Patzimba 201. Col. Vista Bella.

Tel: (01-443) 314 0231.




• El Anzuelo

Mexican cuisine.

Delicious food with a home-style seasoning; outdoors tables.

Marco recommends:

Paella (Sundays); Marinated snapper (adobado.).

Av. Camelinas 3180. Col. 5 de Diciembre.

Tel: (01-443) 314 8339.

• Emilianos

International cuisine.

Belonging to the same restaurant group as Las Trojes. Elegant casual style; ideal for business, family, friends.

Marco recommends:

Grills; Pizzas.

Artilleros de 1847 Nº 1643. Col. Chapultepec Oriente.

Tel: (01-443) 315 1035.

• La Azotea

Mexican contemporary cuisine.

Spectacular view to the Cathedral in a historical place  (Los Juaninos hotel). Ideal for a romantic get-away or a celebration.

Marco recommends:

Duck in blackberry sauce.

Morelos Sur 39. Centro.

Tel: (01-443) 312 0036.

• La Casa del Portal


Regional and international cuisine.

Typical Morelia site inside a 26th century house, with a view to the Cathedral. Choose your table at the outside terrace. Live jazz. Ideal for business, couples or friends.

Marco recommends:

Enchiladas Portal; Tarasca soup.

Guillermo Prieto 30. Centro.

Tel: (01-443) 313 4899.



• Los Mirasoles

Regional and international cuisine.

Inside a 17th century house XVII. Good wine cellar. Ideal for large groups of family or friends.

Marco recommends:

Sangría; Churipu; Corundas; Meat cuts.

Av. Madero Poniente 549. Centro Histórico.

Tel: (01-443) 317 5775.

• Lu

Creative Michoacán cuisine.

A proposal that wants to respect tradition and rescue recipes from old times handling current techniques and local products. Choose your table in the outside area with a view to the Cathedral. Ideal for a peaceful outing as a coupe or with friends.

Marco recommends:

Enchiladas placeras; Sopes de cantina; Hibiscus flower salad.

Portal Hidalgo 229. Centro Histórico.

Tel: (01-443) 313 1328.

• Mi Rancho

Mexican and international cuisine.

Rustic style. Live music during lunchtime (except on Saturdays).

Marco recommends:

Arrachera fajitas (flank steak); Enchiladas; Cecina (salted meat).

Av. Madero Poniente 867. Centro Histórico

Tel: (01-443) 317 7770.

• San Miguelito


Mexican signature cuisine.

A classic in town. Original and colorful environment, baroque style. Terrace for smokers. Ideal for business, friends or special occasions.

Marco recommends:


Av. Camelinas y Beethoven. Fracc. La Loma.

Tel: (01-443) 324 2300.