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The majestic Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl guard this city. Puebla was founded in 1531 by Fray Toribio de Benavente, who named it Puebla de Los Ángeles. A prosperous city (important business, industrial and education activities), which is overall a world famous architectonic, historic and cultural jewel. There are more than 5,000 building downtown (declared as a Cultural Patrimony of Humanity by the UNESCO in 1987) that reflect the splendorous richness of its colonial past, with styles that go from renaissance to baroque. Musts: Cathedral (1575); Biblioteca Palafoxiana (Palafoxiana Library – 1646; catalogues as Memory of the World by the UNESCO in 2005); Santa María Tonanzintla Chapel (1653); Rosary Chapel (1690; outstanding example of Novo-Hispanic baroque); San Francisco, Santísima Trinidad, Orden Militar de Merced, Santa Mónica Convents (all of them built between the 16th and 19th centuries); Amparo Museum (important collection of Mayan, Huastecan, Aztec and Zapoteca pieces); Casa del Alfeñique Museum (religious art and antique objects); Santa Rosa Cultural Center (furniture, silver, bronze, talavera articles, textiles);  Museo Poblano de Arte del Virreinato (Viceroyalty Art Poblano Museum); House of Dolls Museum. Located near to archaeological sites of relevance (must: Cholula, the oldest city of the hemisphere and whose pyramid has the largest base in the world). Exceptional gastronomy, considered one of the most important in the country (distinctive dishes: chiles en nogada (green peppers in walnut sauce), mole poblano, chalupas, guajolotas, pipián verde, huazmole de caderas y espinazos; variety of candies with an ancestral tradition: camotes (yam), yemas reales (royal yolks), nut, pine nut, pumpkin seed jamoncillos (toffee-like candy); marzipans, gaznates, polvorones, coconut-filled lemons, mechitas de ángel, tortitas de Santa Clara). Barrio de Los Sapos, El Parián and Analco typical places to acquire antiquities and fine handicrafts (talavera, forged iron, textiles, silver work, carved marble, poly-chrome painting, candles drawings, figures on amate paper). Excellent level golf courses (La Vista Country Club, Campestre Mayorazgo, El Cristo, La Huerta, Las Fuentes). Great ecological richness with outdoor activities and extreme sports (La

Malinche National Park, Arco Iris, Chautla Ex Hacienda, Apulco Valley, Zacatlán, Karmidas Caverns-Zapotitlán-; Africam Safari –perfect for children; more than 2500 animals of 300 different species-). Good infrastructure for expos, conventions and festivals (Barroquísimo Puebla, April and May; International Puebla Festival, May).




• Casa Reyna

Located inside an old 16th century house right downtown. Remodeled by Architect Ricardo Legorreta, who achieved a balance between the classic colonial and a contemporary style. Only 10 rooms. Good restaurant.

Privada 2, Oriente 1007.

Tel: (01-222) 232 0032.

• El Sueño Hotel & Spa

Old house, some steps away from the Cathedral. Personalized treatment. Small and charming suites.

9 Oriente No. 12. Centro Histórico.

Tel: (01-222) 232 6489.

• La Purificadora

Boutique hotel in a contemporary Mexican style; very comfortable. Bar lounge at the top level. Good breakfasts. Gym, spa, pool.

Callejón de la 10 Norte N° 802. Paseo San Francisco. Centro Histórico.

Tel: (01-222) 309 1920.



• Mesón Sacristía de la Compañía

Downtown boutique hotel. Eight suites. Antiquities gallery. Poblana cuisine cooking classes. Good gastronomy.

6 Sur N° 304 (Callejón de Los Sapos). Centro Histórico.

Tel: (01-222) 232 4513.

• Presidente Intercontinental Puebla

American style comfortable facilities. Pool, spa. Good cost-benefit.

Avenida Hermanos Serdán 141. Col. Amor.

Tel: (01-222) 213 7070.

01-800 000 6633.


 TO EAT     PUEBLA    


• Casa de los Muñecos

Traditional and contemporary Mexican cuisine.

Located in a colonial patio inside the University Museum. Frequented by foreigners. Ideal for breakfasts, business lunches or simply for leisure.

Marco recommends:

Mole; Pipián; Beans soup.

2 Norte N° 2. Museo de Arte BUAP.

Centro. Tel: (01-222) 242 4825.

• El Desafuero

Spanish cuisine.

Of great tradition among poblanos; for many, the favorite in its type. Professional service. Long wine list. Ideal for business or family.

Marco recommends:

Sirloin in truffle sauce; Salted fish.

Calzada Zavaleta 5527. Col. La Concepción Buenavista.

Tel: (01-222) 169 5260.

• El Intro

International fusion contemporary cuisine.

Trendy and original place with a new proposal in its cuisine. DJ on weekends. Ideal with friends to experiment a new concept.

Marco recommends:

Tongue; Hamburger.

Calzada Zavaleta 5624. Col. Zavaleta.

Tel: (01-222) 296 6001.

• El Mural de los Poblanos

Traditional cuisine.

A concept whose intention is to rescue the most traditional of the Poblana cuisine, with a contemporary touch. Some complain about the small portions. Good wine list. Inside patio. Ideal for business, family.

Marco recommends:

Mole poblano; Pipián verde.

16 de Septiembre 506. Centro Histórico.

Tel: (01-222) 242 0503.



• El Parrillaje

House of roasts.

Quality meat cuts, fish and seafood. Good wine selection. Ideal as a group or with the family. Two branches.

Marco recomends:

Chistorra; Bife de chorizo (Top loin).

43 Poniente, esq. 5A Sur 4117.

Col. Gabriel Pastor.

Tel: (01-222) 237 8697.

Centro Comercial Angelópolis.

Tel: (01-222) 225 3000.

• El Sindicato

Mexican contemporary cuisine.

A place with history, in what used to be the union’s auditorium of a textile factory; on the tentative list to become a Patrimony of Humanity. Very traditional among poblanos. Ideal for business or for a special occasion.

Marco recommends:

Panela cheese wrapped in chipotle; Zucchini flowers filled with goat cheese; Three peppers steak.

Fuente de San Miguel 75. Col. Las Fuentes.

Tel: (01-222) 224 2590.

• Entre Tierras

Contemporary international cuisine.

Eclectic establishment with a certain charm that offers artisan gourmet cuisine. Rooms for private events. Ideal for couples or for business.

Marco recommends:

Primavera Pasta.

4 Norte N° 410. Centro Histórico.

Tel: (01-222) 232 5306.


 TO EAT     PUEBLA    


• Fonda Santa Clara

Poblana cuisine.

Probably the most famous in its type. A tradition in Puebla. An insult to diets. Two branches: Paseo Bravo and Centro Comercial Angelópolis. Ideal for any occasion (breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper).

Marco recommends:

Mole; Three colors enchiladas.

3 Poniente N° 307. Centro Histórico.

Tel: (01-222) 242 2659.

• La Conjura

Spanish and Mexican cuisine.

A favorite among the Puebla elite. Right downtown inside a 16th century building. The service is not the best. Ideal for business and family.

Marco recommends:

Fabada; Elver tostadas.

9 Oriente N° 201. Centro Histórico.

Tel: (01-222) 232 9693.

• La Encomienda

International Grill.

Elegant-casual style. Wood fire oven. Oyster Bar. Ideal for every occasion.

Marco recommends:

Empanadas; Charbroiled ribs.

Blvd. Atlixcayotl 1899. San Andrés Cholula.

Tel: (01-222) 225 0237.

• La Estancia Argentina

Meat cuts.

Quality in its meat cuts as in its service. Ideal for any occasion.

Marco recommends:

Rib Eye tapa; Argentine chorizo.

Av. Juárez 701 esq. 29 Sur. Col. La Paz.

Tel: (01-222) 248 9991/92.



• La Noria

International cuisine with a Mexican accent.

A classic; inside the San Miguel La Noria ex Hacienda. Charming patio, private rooms, bar area, and wine store. Ideal for a relaxed business outing or with the family.

Marco recommends:

Tarasca soup; Snacks.

41 Poniente N° 2120. Col. Ex Hacienda de La Noria.

Tel: (01-222) 237 7213.

• La Piccola Italia

Italian artisan cuisine.

Homey; with attentive and dedicated service in charge of its owner. Ideal for family or friends.

Marco recommends:


Teziutlán Norte N° 1. Col. La Paz.

Tel: (01-222) 231 3220.

• La Route des Vins

French bistro.

Relaxed, casual and comfortable eatery; it specializes in fondues. Good wine selection. Ideal at night for couples or friends.

Marco recommends:

Scallops; Croque Monsieur.

Teziutlán Sur 75-B. Col. La Paz.

Tel: (01-222) 296 4978. 43

Poniente N° 320. Col. Huexotitla.

Tel: (01-222) 211 0581.

Av. Cúmulo de Virgo 3, 1 y 2. Complejo Cultural Universitario.

Tel: (01-222) 225 0701.

• Mesón Sacristía de la Compañía

Mexican Poblana cuisine.

Located in an 18th century house (inside the boutique hotel of the same name) where old-times luxury can still be sensed. Ideal to go with time, no rush, to try the best of the Poblana cuisine.

Marco recommends:

Chalupas; Mole; Enchiladas.

6 Sur N° 304 (Callejón de Los Sapos). Centro Histórico.

Tel: (01-222) 232 4513.

• Mi Ciudad

Mexican cuisine.

Informal place. Typical cuisine with a variety of well-seasoned dishes at reasonable prices. Ideal for families.

Marco recommends:

Chileatole; Poblana soup.

Av. Juárez 2507. Col. La Paz.

Tel: (01-222) 231 5326/0277.