Marco Beteta


Mystical and spiritual airs, of history, legend and tradition are breathed in this Magical Pueblo, dominated by the stunning presence and energy of El Tepozteco (there is a pyramid on its peak in honor of Ometochtli-Tepuztécatl, god of fertility and harvest). Ideal destination for those who are looking for authentic holistic experiences, for relaxation in contemplation and integration with nature, through different techniques and treatments of pre-Hispanic inspiration (must: shamanic rituals for healing; temazcal).

Perfect place for a walk and to appreciate the eclectic combination of its architectural style, from the regal colonial religious buildings (Ex Convent and Dominican Nativity Temple, currently Museum and Historical Documentation Center of Tepoztlán; chapels of San Miguel, Santo Domingo, La Santísima, La Santa Cruz, Los Santos Reyes, San Sebastián, San Pedro, San José), the classic shacks or adobe houses, all the way to the modern minimalist constructions.

Of special interest: El Tepozteco Natural Park (eco-tourism, archaeology, extreme sports); Pre-Hispanic Art Carlos Pellicer Museum (collection of Olmec, Mayan, Zapoteca and Totonaca objects, among others); religious and pagan festivities (in particular the Carnival, which takes place on the weekend prior to Ash Wednesday and where the Dance of Chinelos is spectacular). Sunday market (on the main street, local handcrafts; pieces on amate or pochote wood; silver jewelry with stones an seeds; baskets, pottery, textiles). Varied gastronomy, fusion of Pre-Hispanic and Spanish cuisine  (tamales, broad bean tlacoyos, mole tepozteco, of green pumpkin seed or red with turkey; beef cecina or pork with a hot pepper adobe; itacates – corn and cheese dough gorditas -; refino –distilled agave drink – and the renowned sherbets of Tepoztlán).




• Casa Fernanda

Charming boutique hotel, downtown. Six rooms, with spaces filled with simple details that inspire comfort and relaxation. Pool and spa. Ideal for those who want a weekend of rest.

Niño Artillero 20. Barrio de San José.

Tel: (01-739) 395 0522.

• Hostal de La Luz

Holistic spa hidden among beautiful landscapes. Twenty-three rooms with a terrace and oratory. Yoga, meditation, tai chi, temazcal, massages, pool. A complete spiritual experience for those who are in the path to their inner self.

Carretera Federal Tepozotlán-Amatlán Km. 4. Col. Amatlán.

Tel: (01-739) 395 3374.



• Posada del Tepozteco

Old Mexican house surrounded by beautiful gardens. Twenty-one rooms. Pool, temazcal, tennis court. Ideal for families.

Paraíso 3. Barrio de San Miguel.

Tel: (01-739) 395 0010.

• Sitio Sagrado

Holistic boutique hotel on the foot of el Tepozteco. Twenty-three suites. Variety of treatments for the body and the soul.

Camino Real a Amatlán 10. Col. Del Carmen.

Tel: (01-739) 393 3292/93.




• El Ciruelo

Mexican cuisine.

Typical place that serves a variety of traditional Mexican dishes with a good seasoning. Astonishing view of el Tepozteco. Area for children. Ideal for families or friends.

Marco recommends:

Escamoles; Goat cheese Chalupitas; Corn cake.

Zaragoza 17. Barrio de La Santísima.

Tel: (01-739) 395 1037.



• La Luna Mextli

Mexican cuisine.

One of the oldest places in this town; inside a colonial style house. Bohemian atmosphere; brief and simple menu. Abundant portions.

Marco recommends:

Parrillada (barbecue).

Av. Revolución 16. Centro.

Tel: (01-739) 395 1114/0787.

• Los Colorines

Mexican cuisine.

Colorful diner with a homey atmosphere; varied menu of delicious Mexican dishes. Ideal for families and friends.

Marco recommends:

Tamales salad; Enchiladas de mole.

Avenida del Tepozteco 13. Barrio de La Santísima.

Tel: (01-739) 395 0198.