Marco Beteta

Valle de Guadalupe

Valle de Guadalupe has become an important destination in the country due to its rooted wine culture tradition. It is located a little over 20 km Northeast of Ensenada, it is part of the three main wine valleys of Baja California (the other two are Valle de Ojos Negros and Valle de Santo Tomás) over a surface that is equivalent to two thirds of Napa Valley, with a Mediterranean type of weather, similar to that in the Southwest of France. Ildefonso Bernal discovered it at the end of the 18th century, and its name came from the missions of Our Lady of Guadalupe of the North, founded by the Dominican Order in the 19th century. They taught the local indigenous people (cochimíes, kumiai) to grow grapevines and olive; production began in the first years of the last century with the arrival of Russian immigrants to the area. A place to enjoy nature, history, culture, good wine and a gourmet cuisine that is constantly evolving. Perfect to go on a relaxing get-away, as a couple or with friends. Of particular interest:  wine Route (a tour that in addition to this valley includes other producing areas: Valle de Tanamá, Valle de Calafia, El Porvenir, San Antonio de Las Minas) with visits and tasting at the different wine producers; Valle de Guadalupe Historical Museum. In Ensenada: Regional Historical Museum and Rivera social, civic and cultural Center (the latter, which in the decade of 1930 was a famous casino, still has at the Andaluz Bar, the bar where it is said that the Margarita cocktail was invented). In Tijuana (a city known worldwide as an avant-garde artistic and cultural center, in addition to being the birthplace of Caesar Salad): Museum of the Californias and CECUT. Spectacular natural places nearby to go to the beach; practice water and extreme sports; eco-tourism; golf (Bajamar Golf Club). Native handcrafts (baskets, leather, ceramics, textiles, jewelry, wood); quality organic products (wine, honey, olive oil, olives, cheeses, marmalades, jams, bread). Must: Wine Harvest Fiestas (in August, more than 15 days of celebrations with tasting, contests, high gastronomy, wine pairing dinners).




• Adobe Guadalupe

Wine culture Bed and Breakfast with six rooms. Horse rides; pool and a view to the mountains.

Parcela A1 S/N. Col. Rusa de Guadalupe. Valle de Guadalupe, Ensenada.

Tel: (01-646) 155 2094.

• Casa Natalie

Luxury boutique hotel; considered among the 10 best in Mexico. Seven exclusive suites. Lounge and spa in front of the sea. Lucca Restaurant, signature cuisine with dishes upon request and at the whim of the guest.

Km. 103.3 Carretera Libre Tijuana-Ensenada N° 7263. El Sauzal de Rodríguez, Ensenada.

Tel: (01-646) 174 7373.

• Endémico Resguardo Silvestre

Recently opened; a very god move of the visionary Grupo Habita. A luxury ecofriendly concept. Twenty rooms (ecolofts) with terraces and spectacular views of the Valle de Guadalupe. Perfect for a romantic getaway or with friends.

Km. 75 Carretera Tecate-Ensenada. Valle de Guadalupe, Ensenada.

Tel: (01-800) 400 8484.



• La Villa del Valle

In the heart of the wine harvesting area. Peaceful sanctuary in the middle of nature, six small rooms. Pool. Good cuisine.

Carretera Tecate-Ensenada Km. 88. Valle de Guadalupe, Ensenada.

Tel: (01-646) 156 8007/183 9249.

• Rancho La Puerta

For those who want to get away for a few days in a well-being center (spa, yoga, Pilates). Organic farm of their own; cooking classes.

Carretera Tecate-Tijuana Km. 5. Tecate.

Tel: (01-665) 654 9155.




• El Sarmiento

Signature cuisine.

Charming rustic place in front of the sea that serves local cuisine. Ideal for special occasions; casual outing with friends.

Marco recommends:

Shrimp aguachile; Tongue tacos; Wood fire octopus.

Carretera Escénica Km. 104, N°. 5826. El Sauzal.

Tel: (01-646) 175 9467.

• LG Restaurante

Mexican cuisine.

Breakfasts, lunches and dinners with good seasoning, in a casual and informal place. It recently opened a new space next door (like a bistro cantina) with a modern style. Ideal for families and friends.

Marco recommends:

Poblana cream; Green pepper filled with shrimp.

López Mateos 797. Centro.

Tel: (01-646) 178 8045.

• La Guerrense


A cart with tostadas in downtown Ensenada. The couple formed by Mrs. Sabina and Mr. Eduardo having been serving there for thirty years.

Marco recommends:

Tostadas: pata de mula clam; chiluda clam; cod; sea urchin.

Calle Primera y Alvarado.

Tel: (01-646) 174 2114.

• Manzanilla

Signature cuisine.

Successful and informal bistro of contemporary cuisine in the hands of Benito Molina and Solange Muris, pioneers in the revival of gastronomy in this region. Their concept is based on making dishes with unique touches using fresh and organic regional products.

Marco recommends:

Oysters with mayonnaise; Clams with gorgonzola cheese.

Blvd. Teniente Azueta 139. Recinto Portuario.

Tel: (01-646) 175 7073.[/one_half]


• Mi Ranchito El Fénix

Ensenada style tacos.

The best shrimp and fish tacos in town are served in this corner. Ideal for a quick stop.

Espinosa y Avenida Juárez.

• Muelle 3


This place is located on the harbor, around the market. It belongs to the same owners of Manzanilla. Very fresh products and excellent wines of the region. Open from Wednesday to Sunday. Ideal for any occasion, in a relaxed outing.

Marco recommends:

Ouster bar; Four-clam soup; Shrimp meatballs.

Blvd. Teniente Azueta 187-A. Recinto Portuario.

Tel: (01-646) 174 0318.

• Ophelia Restaurante Lounge

Baja California cuisine.

Modern, chic and cozy place in charge of its owner, Chef Rosendo Ramos, who offers a simple menu, bit varied and innovative. Ideal for gourmet cuisine lovers, in couples or with friends.

Marco recommends:

Seared tuna tostadas; Roasted pork rack in fig sauce; Stone crab ravioli.

Carretera Transpeninsular Tijuana- Ensenada Km. 103, N° 7165. El Sauzal.

Tel: (01-646) 175 8365.

• Restaurante del Parque

Signature cuisine.

Chic and casual place, it belongs to enologist Hugo D´ Acosta. The menu changes according to the ingredients of each season. The best store of quality wines. Ideal for families or friends in a gourmet outing.

Marco recommends:

Season menu.

Moctezuma 623. Centro.

Tel: (01-646) 178 8587.[/one_half_last]



• Puerto Nuevo II


Totally informal place in the charming fishermen town. Ideal for families or large groups.

Marco recommends:

Lobster with rice and beans; Clam soup.

Av. Rentería 2. Puerto Nuevo.

Tel: (01-661) 614 1454.



• El Yaqui


Small rustic place that offers the best roast tacos. Ideal for families or friends.

Marco recommends:

Marinated meat tacos, and flank.

Mar del Norte esquina Palma. Playas de Rosarito.




• Caesars

Local and international cuisine.

Peaceful and cozy atmosphere in a historical place where Caesar Salad was created. Currently it is prepared at your table with the original recipe. Ideal for business, friend, families.

Marco recommends:

Caesar salad; Tortellini filled with duck; Wellington steak.

Av. Revolución 1071, between 4ª y 5ª. Centro.

Tel: (01-664) 685 5608/685 1927.

• Casa Plasencia

Mediterranean grill.

Years of experience back up this restaurant that is in charge of the Plasencia family. A classic in Tijuana, very popular among locals. Great wine election. Ideal for business or with the family.

Marco recommends:

Seafood grill; Lamb rack with mint sauce.

Carlos Rovirosa 250. Fracc. Aviación.

Tel: (01-664) 686 3604/681 8496.



• Cheripan

Argentinean cuisine.

Quality cuts in a modern style atmosphere. Three branches. Ideal for business lunches or at night with friends.

Marco recommends:

Arrachera; Tamarind martini.

Distrito Gastronómico: Escuadrón 201 N°3151.

Tel: (01-664) 622 9730.

Galerías Hipódromo: Blvd. Agua Caliente 11999, L223.

Tel: (01-664) 104 1500.

Plaza Americana Otay: Ave. Tecnológico 2100, L18.

Tel: (01-664) 623 1278.

• Cielo Restaurante y Bar de Agua

Eclectic cuisine.

Minimalist place. Organic menu that changes daily; variety of mineral waters. Ideal for a casual business outing or with friends.

Misión San Javier 10643, 2° Nivel. Zona Urbana Río.

Tel: (01-664) 634 2230.

• El Mazateño

Regional seafood cuisine.

Ongoing quality and seasoning in its dishes in a local and simple atmosphere. Ideal for families or friends in a relaxed outing.

Marco recommends:

Tacos of spicy shrimp; Marlin quesadilllas.

Calzada Tecnológico 473. Fracc. Tomás Aquino.

Tel: (01-664) 683 3007.




• Villa Saverios

Signature cuisine.

Impeccable quality of products and great seasoning at the hands of Chef Javier Plascencia. Unique in its style. Ideal for those who want a different culinary experience.

Marco recommends:

Patron fish; Smoked marlin Carpaccio with arugula and habanero pepper and avocado vinaigrette.

Blvd. Sánchez Taboada cornering Escuadrón 201. Zona Río.

Tel: (01-664) 686 6442.

• El Taller

BajaMed cuisine.

New and interesting gastronomical proposal of Chef Miguel Ángel Guerrero (in what used to be a warehouse) at reasonable prices. Ideal for contemporary adults that are looking for innovative culinary offers in a relaxed outing.

Marco recommends:

Shrimp pizza.

Av. Río Yaqui 2969-B. Col. Revolución.

Tel: (01-664) 686 3383.

 • Erizo


A paradise for ceviche lovers. Ideal for a quick and casual meal.

Marco recommends:

Green shrimp ceviche tostada; Oysters in ponzu butter; Octopus Carpaccio.

Sonora 3808. Col. Chapultepec Centro.

Tel: (01-664) 686 2895.



• La Querencia

BajaMed signature cuisine.

New gastronomic concept in a pleasant place without many pretensions. Ideal for any occasion.

Marco recommends:

Octopus chicharrón; Shrimp au tequila flambé; Pan roasted mussels.

Av. Escuadrón 201 N° 3110. Col. Aviación.

Tel: (01-664) 972 9935.

• Misión 19

Signature cuisine.

Located in an emblematic building, one more great move of renowned Chef Javier Plasencia. Original California cuisine menu with fresh regional products. Good wine selection from Valle de Guadalupe. Ideal for those who love gourmet experiences.

Marco recommends:


Misión San Javier 10643. Zona Urbana Río.

Tel: (01-664) 634 2493.




• Laja

Signature cuisine.

It is worth the trip; it is what I call a destination restaurant right on the wine route. Elegant and fresh, Chef Jair Téllez is in charge. The menu changes constantly. Marvelous wine cellar. They harvest their own products, using only the freshest regional products. Marvelous wine cellar. Considered by some one of the best restaurants in the country. Ideal for a relaxing outing and to have an unforgettable experience.

Marco recommends:

Season menu (Mussels with sassafras; Oven-baked lamb).

Carretera Ensenada-Tecate Km. 83.

Tel: (01-646) 155 2556.



• Silvestre

Contemporary Mexican cuisine.

Country style among the vineyards, outdoors and with the seal of Benito Molina and Solange Muris. Must: dishes cooked in wood fire. Six-course menu that changes constantly. Open from the end of May to the end of October. Ideal for those travelling on the wine route, in a casual outing.

Marco recommends:

Piglet; Lamb; Sonora meat (according to season).

Carretera Ensenada-Tecate Km. 73.

Tel: (01-646) 175 7073.